Well, this is scary. But definitely a great opportunity to reflect on how we create / validate identity online:

Just discovered this, and already hooked. Perfect background jams—just hit play and get work done, instead of constantly having to switch back over to that other tab/app, to adjust.

Thanks for the tip, Michael!

TED Radio Hour almost always impresses me, but this episode was particularly good. Diana Nyad’s story, in particular, is overwhelming.

I love the idea of a text playlist. I’ve really enjoyed starting in on this one, by Nick Crocker, and want to start my own, soon.

The concept is funny, but it’s the writing that makes this absolutely brilliant. “1:45 p.m. I ask Gabby if she’s had the mozzarella sticks, and what does she think of them? She tells me “They’re good.” Gabby and I are not yet good enough friends that we can be honest with one another.



JY’s World Cup Photo Journal, The Rest: Adventures in the Amazon

So, inconsistent Internet in our final week kept me from posting then, but in honor of the end of the World Cup, here are a couple highlights from our week in Manaus.

Photo 1: We saw Cameroon vs. Croatia, and this picture pretty much encapsulates the lion with a thorn in his paw.

Photo 2: Other than plane, the only way to get to Manaus is via boat. There are no roads that go there. We took a day-cruise and checked out the Amazon. Turns out there is a lot of water in the rain forest. Look at all that water!

Photo 3: On our cruise, came across some federal police who caught some poachers, with a barrel full of freshly-caught turtles. Bad guys went to jail, while Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello were all safely returned to the water.

Photo 4: All the tropical heat was worth it, to see the US throw down with Portugal. Dad went with more subtle patriotic cues, this time.

Photo 5: This freakin’ guy. At least he took care of Ghana for us.

Photo 6: Yes, if you are remembering correctly, this is the corner where CR7 crossed in the final equalizer, so we had an up-front seat to Heartbreak Town, but we also got to see the USA outperform a team that was ranked #4 in the world. Maybe it won’t be until 2018, but I still believe that we will win!

Thanks for following along on this adventure, if you did! If you want, you can go back and check out the pictures from the Spain vs. Netherlands and England vs. Italy games, as well as our glorious victory over Ghana. Enjoy!

JY’s World Cup Photo Journal, Days 5 and 6: I Believe That We Will Win!

At this game, I discovered the difference between being a spectator and being a fan. At the Spain vs. Netherlands and England vs. Italy games, I was incredibly excited, but was also happy to watch a lot of the game through my zoom lens, trying to capture the best moments. In contrast, when you’re jumping up and down and screaming your lungs out for 90 minutes, you tend to leave the camera in its case. So, here are a couple of the best moments I did get, from (mostly before and after) the USA’s long-awaited and utterly fantastic victory over Ghana.

Photo 1: Heroes, all of ‘em.

Photo 2: Again with the random ticket selection, and again with truly unbelievable seats. Front row, behind the US bench. The temptation to rush the field at the end was almost unbearable.

Photo 3: One of my favorite things about Klinsmann is how obviously excited he is about the game and the team and the fans. This was his response to us yelling “WE LOVE YOU, JURGEN!!”

Photo 4: This is what happens when you get kicked in the face.

Photo 5: “I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN! I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!” I can’t load videos into this album, but here is one I took of what happened when the final whistle blew.

If you want to see some more photos from (before and after) the game, check out this album.

No pictures from Day 6 of the trip, which was spent traveling back to Manaus, where Dad and I will be posted up, waiting for the Portugal game, and planning assorted ways to ambush and maim Christiano Ronaldo.


JY’s World Cup Photo Journal, Days 3 and 4: Come On, England!

Yesterday, we headed into the rainforest, to see Jolly Ol’ face off against the Azzurri. Given that literally half of the England starting 11 play for Liverpool, my allegiances were set … so I was disappointed with the eventual result, but still absolutely thrilled to see a great match as close as you can get, as Old Gregg would say, without getting your eyes wet.

Photo 1: We had a layover in Brasilia, which, for being the nation’s capital, is surprisingly rural. Look at all that green!

Photo 2: So, turns out that the Amazon River is really big. Seriously, that thing looks like a lake.

Photo 3: When you buy World Cup tickets, you don’t pick your seats. You pick which tier you want, but that’s it… So, when we realized that ours were in the center section, we were stoked. Then, we figured out that we were in seats 10 and 11, just 9 seats off the center line, we pretty much flipped out. And, when we finally walked down to find ourselves on Row A, the very front row, we both almost died. A quick hop and a dodge around the highlighter security guards and I could have been high-fiving the lads on the pitch.

Photo 4: Balotelli has a major identity issue here… He’s often called “Super Mario,” but I can confirm from closer inspection, that he looks more like Bowser Junior.

Photo 5: Raheem Sterling / plays on either wing / born in Jamaica / he can do anything.

Photo 6: Sturridge shoots …

Photo 7: Sturridge SCORES!!

Photo 8: Pirlo, mid-Powerade promo. Not as inspiring as this one, but I don’t blame him for trying.

Photo 9: … But obviously Pirlo’s power comes from his hair. Just look how easily he stops even new-and-improved-now-not-entirely-bald Rooney.

I took hundreds of photos of the game, so if you’d like to see some more (including burst-shots surrounding most of these), check out this album!

Today was a travel day, so no new pictures… but if you like America at all, get excited for USA-Ghana, tomorrow!

JY’s World Cup Photo Journal, Day 2: Hup Holland Hup!

Only one thing really happened today: The rematch of 2010 World Cup final, and this round could not have been more different than the original. I actually like both of these teams, so I told everyone who asked that I was just cheering for lots of goals. I won! 

Photo 1: So many serious soccer fans! And one girl who asked me where Christiano Ronaldo was, because he’s her favorite.

Photo 2: Wesley Sneijder does a tricky back heal.

Photo 3: Arjen Robben plainly makes pain rain on Spain.

Photo 4: David Silva would have had one of the best goals of the night, if it had counted.

Photo 5: Diego Costa was born in Brazil, but chose to play for Spain. He got booed every time he touched the ball, and everyone cheered when he got wrecked in this tackle by Ron Vlaar. Sad Diego.

Photo 6: Look how high Robin van Persie can jump. No wonder he scores miraculous wonder-goals. 

I literally took 100x this many pictures at the game today, so if you’d like to see some more (including the whole progression of Robben making Spain look silly), check out this album!

JY’s World Cup Photo Journal, Day 1:

My dad and I are in Brazil: 5 World Cup games, 4 ridiculous pieces of Team USA paraphernalia (and counting), 3 cities, 2 weeks, 1 trip of a life time.

I’m incredibly excited about this whole thing, and I want to share the experience with my closest friends (which, if you’re actually reading this, I’m assuming you are). That being said, ain’t nobody got time to look at extra words on the Internet, so I’m going to lead with the visuals … Just pictures and a few witty captions. That’s it. So this is pretty much a comic book, just with slightly less Batman. Anyway, I hope you enjoy—let me know what you think!

Photo 1: Patriotic pack-job. I only brought clothing that was red, white, or blue. My goal: Never receive the question, “So, who are you rooting for?”

Photo 2: Made the most of a 6-hour layover in Rio by making a quick run out to Copacabana beach. We wore our backpacks and rolled-up pants, just to make sure we blended in with the locals.

Photo 3: Flew up to Salvador de Bahia, and got to see the beautiful, sprawling city, pressed up against the coast, as we came in for the landing. Can you find the stadium in this picture?
… Don’t worry if you can’t, I’m not sure it’s in there, just figured I’d crowdsource the search.

Photo 4: Besides the stadium itself, I’m not sure there’s a better place to watch the World Cup Opener than an open-air bar in Brazil, where people scream and shout and light fireworks for goals, and blast samba music during half-time. GOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!

Thanks for reading! Tune in next time for surreptitiously taken, FIFA-not-approved shots from the Spain-Netherlands game!

Finally got my #bombpop jersey. Looking forward to twinning it up with Jozy in Brazil! #jerseyaltidore?

Finally got my #bombpop jersey. Looking forward to twinning it up with Jozy in Brazil! #jerseyaltidore?

The Last Game

That Neymar selfie. So good.

The Game Before The Game